Why we created Electric Scooter Heads

The move towards e-scooters has been fast paced. We were first introduced to them in the Borough of Lambeth in January 2020, and haven’t looked back since. They are accepted in certain trial areas across the UK. If you are over 18, download the TIER or LIME app and complete the registration to hire an e-scooter. You can save time commuting back and forth from work, or just have fun travelling around the borough. The increase of privately owned scooters is on the rise and owning one will leave you at risk of confiscation or a hefty fine. Our team realised action would be needed to encourage the acceptance of e-scooters and to get them legalised across the UK – like they have been in Lisbon, Portugal, for example.

Electric Scooter Heads set out to supply safety helmets with chargeable lights on the front and back. They can be charged via USB and last for 12 hours. Bicycle riders wear a helmet on the road as second nature and the government has suggested e-scooters adopt this move too. Therefore, we bring you the Sirius range: two styles of helmet to increase your visibility and safety on the road. Rider safety is paramount, and Electric Scooter Heads are leading the way. Let’s light up and get this show on the road.

Joanna Breuer
Founder & Managing Director